Beacon news

090715	The 23 cm beacon in Klintehamn (JO97CJ) SK1UHG was put into operation
	Tuesday July 7th at 1045Z.

	It is located at the crop storage building in the harbour of Klintehamn, 50 m
	ASL 50 m from the Baltic Sea on the west coast of Gotland. It is	
	co-located with SK1VHF, SK1UHF and SK1SHH.

	Power: 30 W RF
	Antenna: Alford Slot, omni directional horizontal polarization.
	Frequency control: Owenized crystal oscillator.
	Keying: PIC based identifier (same design as SK1UHF, one letter changed in
	the SW).

	I would like to thank all the people that have helped in the process of
	getting it ready and suited for being deployed at Gotland.

	SM6PGP, Hannes, for making the Alford Slot antenna.
	SK0CT with SM0IQD, Lars, SM0DFP, Per and others for the driver and power
	amplifiers as well as a filter and circulator.
	SM6GXV, Ulf, for the help with making the printed board for the
	multiplier (x12).
	SM6UBC, Fredrik, with support for the power supply.
	SM6CEN, Håkan, for help with the callsign registration.
	SM0DFP, Per, for remote frequency measurements after the installation.
	The Gotland UHF HAM's SM1MUT, Arne, SM1HOW, Lars, SM1TDE, Eric,
	SM1YRI, Pontus and others for checking the site, the
	installation work etc.

	We all hope the beacon will serve you all well for many years to come.

	Reception reports are most welcome. Spot it on the DX-cluster or send a
	report to the Gotland HAM's.

	73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ
	-- Ingolf, SM6FHZ 

090422	OZ7IGY 
	40,021 MHz. The beacon has been slightly modified but is now back on air with
	15 W output. (I was in a hurry when it was made and apparently cut a few corners then!)
	5760,930 MHz. The 38 degree beacon has been repaired after a damaged antenna and PA  
	and is now again operational. (Approx. 500 Werp)
	10368,930 MHz. The omnidirectional beacon has been taken down for an upgrade.
	When it comes back the power will be increased from 0,5 W to 3,5 W. 
	For the time beeing only the 38 degree beacon is operational with approx. 2 kWerp.)
	All other beacons of the OZ7IGY beaconcluster are unchanged and operational.
	Please report via DX-summit! (It is convenient for me to gather data from that source!)
Vy 73 de OZ7IS, Ivan.
Beaconkeeper, OZ7IGY.

090119	Sedan i slutet av 2008 är fyren SK5BN/B igång och sänder signalen SK5BN/B
	JO88LL sedan 15 sekunder ton med en uteff ekten på 10 W. Därefter 10 sekunder ton
	med 1 W. Därefter paus på 15 sekunder. Sen börjar det om igen.
	Detta sänds ut igenom två horisontellt rundstrålande stackade vårgårda dipoler.
	Kollar man på APRS och söker på signalen SK5BN-2 så ser du var i JO88LL fyren sitter.
	Fyren sitter 40 meter över mark och 49 meter över havet.
	Lyssnarrapporter tas emot på:
	SM5YLG, Christopher

081216	Ny fyr QRV: Frekvensen hamnade på 432.428MHz
	Fyren sänder signalen SK5BN/B JO88LL sedan 15sekunder ton. Detta med 10w,
	Därefter 10sekunder ton med 1w. Därefter paus på 15sekunder. Sen börjar det om igen.
	Detta sänds ut igenom två horisontellt rundstrålande stackade vårgårda dipoler.
	Kollar man på APRS och söker på signalen SK5BN-2 så ser du var i JO88LL fyren sitter.
	Höjd informationen är att den sitter 40meter över mark och 49meter över havet.
	Lyssnar rapporter tas emot på
	//73 de Christopher – SM5YLG

081205	Hi. Noticed a while back that OH3SHF 3.4GHz transmitter has gone QRT.
	All the other bands from 2.3GHz to 24GHz seem to be functioning normally.
	It looks like LDMOS RF power transistor in the tower mounted unit has broken.
	I will inform once beacon is back on the air - probably next spring time.

	73 de Ari OH3LWP

080918	SK4MPI PA faulty, reported by Lasse OH6KTL, Someone on site today checked PA
	front panel and there is overcurrent fault, also without drive and with 
	lower screen grid voltage. I am occupied several days, first opportunity to 
	visit the beacon site is next wednesday, september 24. I hope to be able to 
	cure the problem, propably by changing tubes.
	Sorry for the delay of attention...
	Best regards  /Jan SM4HFI

080628	Jag har den stora glädjen att meddela, att FURA's (SK2AT) fyr 
	SK2UHF på 432.401 MHz idag åter kom i drift från sittt ordinarie QTH.
	 Logiken är bytt och fyren slår därmed sin rätta lokator !!!!
	Det tog tyvärr lång tid då det under våren inte gått att ta sig 
	fram till fyrens QTH då vägen är oframkomlig och avstängd. Dessutom
 	gällde det att tidpunkten skulle passa för den som har tillgång till siten.
	Men som sagt, nu går den . 73 Olle SM2DCU
080525	The SK6MHI is now back on the air - 24048.800.
	No change in technical data - 10W ERP, Omni.
	73’ /Mats, SM6EAN

080420	The OZ1UHF-beacons in JO57FJ has been shutdown and will be removed
	from the antenna mast which has to be replaced. Negotiations with 
	the mast owner about the cost for hosting them on the new mast are still ongoing.

	Hopefully the beacons will go on the air again this autumn.

	Vy 73 de OZ1FF - Kjeld

080418	The 10G beacon in JO79 is running again!
	10368960,0 on my RX with OLD counter (HI)
	Not vy strong but visible on Spectran, ca 319 today.
	Nice b4 the MicroWave contest coming Tuesday!
	cu/gl Lennart SM3BEI – JP81NG

071118	SK2UHF QRT
	Den 10/11 blev UHF fyren SK2UHF på 432.401 MHz i ruta JP94wg
	nedtagen för uppdatering. Logik och lokatorangivelse skall 
	bytas. Hur länge den blir QRT beror mest på möjligheten att 
	ta sig till fyrens otillgängliga QTH! Mer info kommer när den
	väl blir QRV igen. FURA - Föreningen Umeå RadioAmatörer, SK2AT
	Olle, SM2DCU / 	 73 Håkan SM6CEN Beacon manager

071113	SK3UHF QRV again.
	The job is done, carrier now clean again
	and the keyer circuit is no longer sensitve to RF.
	(Closed as usually when SK3MF is QRV in NAC and
	when the RU10 repeater is activated)
	73 de SM3UZS

071103	SK3UHF is put down today temporarily for service.
	PWR and QRG is OK but the carrier is form time to
	time more or less noisy, must fix a RF feedback problem.
	Probably QRV agn in 2-4 weeks.

	SK3UHG´s frequency was also today adjusted to around
	1296.855 ±. Crystal ageing had made it several kHz low.

	SK3SHH is probably low on output accoring to several reports
	last months and will get some service in the next future, I will announce!

	73 de SM3UZS

070818	Tänkte bara berätta att 13 cm fyren SK4BX/B på 2320,960 MHz är QRV på nytt,
	Dom gamla uppgifterna i fyrlistan gäller.

070813	OY6BEC Info from OY:
	As of tonight the 1296 transmitter of OY6BEC has been re-installed on Sornfelli.
	It has been qrt due to inteference to a local radar but the problem is no longer
	an issue. To my best knowledge the data are as follows:
	OY6BEC 1296,885 IP62oa 700 masl 100 Werp Douple quad 135 deg. OY9JD.
	It may need some time to settle on the right frequency? May need readjusting?
	The 50 MHz beacon is now repaired and OY1CT will bring it back at the end of august.
	Vy 73 de OZ7IS, Ivan.

070801	SK6UHF has been put off air.
	The beacon has a big need for maintenance and will be off air for a longer time.
	Need for new XTal. It has been on the wrong frequency for a long time.
	Keying to be repaired.
	New antenna needed. Old one damaged by storm in January.
	73 Håkan SM6CEN

070729	The first 40 MHz amateur propagation beacon on the air.
	On 26th of July (after paying the licence fee) at 18.20 UTC OZ7IGY became operational on:
	40,021 MHz near Jystrup (Ringsted), JO55wm, 97 masl / 5 magl.
	The antenna is a dipole heading 255 / 75 degrees. Will shortly be changed to a Turnstile (X-dipole).
	The output to the antenna is 22 Watt keying in F1A (frequency Shift Keying) according 
	to the IARU, Region 1, standard. 250 Hz shift.
	The “licence” is valid for a year and the results of the experiments are to be reported to the ITST.
	The “licence” is “experimental” on a non-inteference basis and will not create a precedent for
	any other kind of amateur radio activities in this part of the spectrum!
	Please report to DX-summit whenever you hear the beacon. Then we can collect data for the report
	to ITST and may be able to argue for a renewal of the licence next year?
	Vy 73 de OZ7IS, Ivan…………………..……………………………………………………
	Beaconkeeper – OZ7IGY…………………………………………………………………
	P.S. We are looking for circulators/Isolators for the 40 and 50 MHz beacons to avoid backwards
	intermodulation in the PA stages. We are covered on all other bands but circulators for these
	frequencies are hard to find as surplus equipment! Can anyone help help?                             .is.
 	Has already been reported in OZ (!!!), HA, DL, PA0, F, G, I and EI.

070712	C-G, SM6HYG har justerat frekvensen på SK6SHG-fyren på Tjörn.
	Jag har i dag mätt upp frekvensen till 24048.887 MHz.
	73 de Jens, SM6AFV

070712	OH0SIX på

070522	Hi, today SM3LIC and I started SK3UHG agn on 1296.855
	We had to change tower because there were comercial interest
	at the old site some 50m away, now it is located in our own tower.
	Sri for long downtime but I thought I would spend some time
	rebuild the equipment when it was already disassembled...
	So some 3dB better feeder and about 7-8dB more power adding up
	signals about 10dB. A new logic card sending dots to prevent PA
	overheating. Tnx to SM0FZH for some hardware support !!
	Reports welcome 73 Johan SM3UZS

	(Hello, SK3UHG 539 in KP11WL. QRG 1296.85393 MHz.
	 TNX for the nice job guys. 73 de Petri OH3MCK )

070502	QRT, 1296.957
	Beacon SK3GW/B Österfärnebo JP80JH QRT for indefenite time.
	73's Håkan SM3LBN

070327	Hello, I have reworked my homepage partly and still I need a few clips.
	I have uploaded the beacon-audio-page to

	You can check there, wich audioclips I need to complete the collection.
	and also LA7VHF fom JP89 - from previos QTH JP99 I have).

	73 and tnx in advance
	de Steffen - DD0VF

070315	The frequency of SK6VHF was on March 13 adjusted back to its nominal frequency 144.448
	73 Håkan SM6CEN

061130	Hi all, over the last months a number of new microwave beacons have been 
	licensed in Norway.

	1296,945  LA7SHF  JP20QJ  planned
	2320,850  LA4SHF  JO28UO  QRV
	3400,850  LA4SHF  JO28UO  QRV
	5760,850  LA4SHF  JO28UO  QRV
	10368,945  LA7SHF  JP20QJ  planned
	24048,820  LA5SHF  JO28UX  QRV
	47088,820  LA5SHF  JO28UX  planned

	Full details are available on

	These beacons were built by Jan LA3EQ who also is QRV on all bands. The
	planned beacons will become QRV over the next months or even weeks. The
	location in Western Norway should permit frequent reception across the North
	Sea. You may submit reception report to LA3EQ (

	73, Stefan (LA0BY) NRRL beacon manager

	email  homepage mobile +47-90114432

061125	F5GTW, the FX4SIX keeper has told me to give this information :
	The french beacon FX4SIX (50.315 MHz) is temporarily stopped for maintenance
	and repair. It will be active again at the end of january 2007.
	Please feel free to give this information on VHF lists, many thanks.
	Best 73 and good DX de Bernard F5DE.

061104	10 GHz beacon SK3SHH at Dalsberget (195 m) closed to Nordingrå and Härnösand
	is qrv again. QTH JP92FW 
	5 W in 33 dB dish with direction 188 degree (to Stockholm 400 km).
	QRG 10368.819 MHz
	Reports to SM3LIC or SK0CW
	73 de Eberhard SM0FZH

061101	OZ9IGY Number NINE !
	3400,930 MHz: 9 watts into 10 metres 7/8" coax (-1 dB) feeding a wave-guide 
	slot antenna (+ 10 dB)  97,5 m asl. F1A keying.
	The exciter is a DB6NT construction coupled with a surplus PA.
	The beacon is assembled and build by OZ2ELA.
	OZ1BGZ made the antenna.
	For test and burn-in the beacon was located in Copenhagen , JO65gp, only 200 m 
	from the first qth of OZ7IGY, back in 1957 – 1981.
	Since october 29th. 2006, it is located at Slettebjerg, JO55wm, the final QTH!
	(Also compared with the 2,3 an 5,7 GHz beacons.)
	Vy 73 de  OZ7IS, Ivan.
	Beacon keeper-OZ7IGY

061028	Hello ! Just got info from OZ1HTB that OZ4UHF/B
	2320,996MHz is QRV from Bornholm - JO75
	73sss Torleif SM7EYW
	Hi all, I copy OZ4UHF/B on 2320,958 !
	Locator is JO75LD.
	73 Anders, SM7ECM

061015	Hello, could you forward this to SSA Fyrar list that during torpos, 
	SM stations can listen OH5SHF beacon from KP30HV now also on 2.3 GHz band.
	Spots from 432, 1296 and now 2320 MHz signals via DX-Summit are appreciated.
	The exact QRG was today 2320.941 MHz, but it should go down towards nominal
	2320.935 MHz, at least if and when we buy a better crystal for the XO. 
	The project was delayed by months due to too much and fast aging crystals 
	from a UK supplier.

	The 10 W ERP is generated with a panel antenna aimed towards 240 deg. with 60 deg.
	HPBW. Horizontal polarisation and A1A keying from the 23 cm beacon's keyer.
	73 de Ilkka, OH5IY. Keeper of  OH5RAC and OH5SHF. 

061008	To:

	Hello all; here is the new situation:

	Pic Neulos JN12LL 1100m:
	F5XAL 144,476 MHz 15W (eirp) omni
	F5XAJ 1296,907 MHz 50W omni
	F5ZUO 5760,866 MHz 10W omni
	F5XAD 10368,860 MHz 2W omni

	Cerdagne JN12BL 2400m:
	F5XAJ 432,420 MHz 15W omni
	F5XAC 2320,838 MHz 10W NNE

	73 de Michel F6HTJ


	Hola todos, recibido el domingo passado desde Esquerdes de Rotjà
	JN12EK 2200m con FT100D i pequena yagi bibanda 5el 144/6el 432:

	144,426 MHz EA6VHF JM08SQ 539
	144,441 EB3VHF JN01SU 599+
	144,470 EA5VHF IM98WV 559

	432,409 MHz EA5BEACON IM98WV 539
	432,461 EB3UHF JN01SU 559

	Buenos DX, 73 de Michel F6HTJ

060719	Hi, 24 GHz band was added to OH3SHF family of beacons on the 12th of July.
	Details of the new beacon are:
	Frequency 24048.800MHz
	TX power 0.7W
	Antenna gain 18dBi (128 slot slotted waveguide)
	Horisontal polarisation
	ERP about 30W
	Frequency accuracy better than 100Hz (GPS locked frequency reference)
	Location KP11VK 222m ASL, 67m AGL

	73 de Ari OH3LWP

060715	SK6MHI is now QRV after quite some time off the air. Beacon has been updated
	 with new frequency, new PA and new antenna. Details and photos will 
	be available at our club homepage:

	Technical info
	Frequency: 24048.800 (phase locked, very good accuracy)
	Locator: JO57XQ (JO57XQ72)
	Power: 10W ERP
	Direction: Omni
	Antenna: Slotted waveguide
	Above sea level: 135m
	Above ground: 40m

	Thanks to….
	SM6AFV for 1W PA
	DK1ZD for antenna
	SM6PGP for frequency re-programming
	SM6HYG for antenna assembly/arrangement

	Early reports shows good result on propagation but there is an intermittent
	loss of output signal (disappears for some minutes). This problem was found 
	during final test but since it does not happen too often, it was decided to 
	install the beacon for the summer season. We’ll resolve the problem during autumn.
	73 /Mats, SM6EAN

060426	New CW VHF beacon qrv:

	TK5ZMK/b JN41JS south of Ajaccio  635m asl 10W omni

	Please reports to TK5EP:
	73 de Michel F6HTJ

060208	Vi har riktat om högeffektsfyren SK0SHH 50kW erp 10G368M841k750 
	(uppmätt 060206 kl. 2047 lokal tid) från sm1/Öland tillbaks mot SM6,
	 huvudriktning Göteborg.
	Lyssnar-rapporter tages tacksamt emot till  
	Byt  mot sm0dfp.  73, PeO EPO och Per DFP 

051113	Fyren SK2VHF har efter 21 års drift fått sig en grundlig översyn 
	och till viss del ny hårdvara. Ansvarig för fyren är SK2AT i Umeå.
	Med 2 x 4 element norrut och 10 element SSV matas nu 80 friska 
	wattar ut tack vare ett nytt PA skänkt av SM3KYH Lars som använder 
	SK2VHF flitigt.
	Källa: SM2DCU Olle

051103	Forwarded by OH2LKV:
	Hi, there is new 10 GHz beacon installed in Helsinki area. System
	is in testing and will be transferred better place someday.
	Frequency is 10368,928 MHz and stability is better than 10^-10
	(Oscilloquartz OCXO8675). Power is ab. 2W to a omnidirectional
	horisontally polarized  slot antenna. Beacon is located same
	place with OH2RCH repeaters in local water tower, locator KP20IF
	Some technical information .

	TNX to OH2AUE (PA) and OH1GWK/OH2MNI (power supplies)!
	All reports are welcome via email:
	73 Radio amateur technical society of Finland, RATS / Ramppa OH2LIY

051031	This afternoon i have installed the 10 GHz beacon OZ7IGY on the new
 	QTH in JO55wm, 5 Werp, 99 masl, 10368,930 MHz (nominal)
	Reports are most welcome as i am not qrv from home!
	I also corrected the frequencies on the 1296 and 432 MHz beacons.
	A bit tricky as my counter would not accept the external standard so i had to 
	do some calculation instead! Hope i did get it right anyway!
	Vy 73 de OZ7IS, Ivan.
	Beacon keeper.

051025	SK3UHG / SK3SHH blir QRT i helgen
	och tills vidare, jag annonserar när dom kommer 
	igång igen, grejorna måste ut ur hydda och mast som vi delar 
	med försvaret eftersom dom uppgraderar rubbet.
	SM3UZS Johan

051016	There are two new microwave beacons QRV from Western Norway:

	LA4SHF  JO28UO  10368,850 MHz  beaming South
	LA5SHF  JO28UX  10368,820 MHz  beaming West

	More info can be found at
	Both beacons are operated by Jan, LA3EQ, who is also QRV on 10 GHz himself
	(mail to LA4SHF has already been heard yesterday by
	PA0BAT in JO31 over 739 km at 599!!!
	We can expect even better propagation over the next days.

	73 es GL, Stefan (LA0BY)
	email, homepage
	phone +47-67139536, GSM +47-90114432

050829	The SK0UX/B beacon on 5760.912 MHz was heard today 
	10 dB over the noise level, JO99>JO67. 
	73 de Jens, SM6AFV 

050828	SK0UX/B seems to stabilize on ca 5760 912,0
	Still vy strong in JP81NG. Gl/Lennart SM3BEI 
050827	A new beacon has started today in JO99BM.
	Call: SK0UX/B QRG: 5760910.0 today at 1150 Z
	Omnidirectional antenna.
	Frequency increasing, was 5760900 for ca 2 hrs ago
	Identifying by frequencyshift, with vy low skift.
	Good readability here in JP81NG today
	Regards Lennart - SM3BEI

050826	The Martlesham beacons will be temporarily off the air from the
	early evening of Friday 26th August until Tuesday morning 30th August.
	This is due to major work on the AC mains power distribution system
	on site over the bank holiday weekend.
	Beacons affected are:
	GB3MHL  1296.830
	GB3MHS  2320.830
	GB3MHS  3400.830
	GB3MHX  10368.830
	73 John G3XDY

050826	Beacon update JW7SIX
	The beacon went QRT in January 2005, due to broken mast, but is now
	operational again. Experience has shown it is very challenging to
	maintain a beacon in this remote location. If the beacon should fail
	again in future it main be dismantled. 73, Stefan (LA0BY), 
	email 	homepage

050815	OH3SHF beacon QRV on all four bands
	Hi, Lightning strike damage has been repaired and OH3SHF beacon is
	again QRV on all four bands (2.3GHz, 3.4GHz, 5.7GHz and 10GHz). 
	It seems that OH3TR NAC contest station tower (beacons are installed
	to the tip of this tower) takes a direct lightning strike hit every
	summer and thus we need to have full professional protection in all
	connections of all equipment. Reception reports are welcome to or DX Summit dx-cluster
	73 de Ari OH3LWP

050727	We have increased the power of the OH3RNE 23 cm beacon at 1296.975
	by 6 dB. The power is now about 30 watts to a big wheel at 250 m asl
	and 140 m agl in KP11UM.
	The same setup functions also as a repeater. If you can hear the
	beacon well, please have a try with the repeater (input 1291.000 and 
	output 1297.000), access with 1750 Hz tone or DTMF '*'. The receiver 
	is quite sensitive with a MGF1302 preamp near the antenna.
	Benjamin OH3BK

050717	The OH3SHF beacon is temporarily QRT on 2.3GHz and
	3.4GHz bands because of technical failures. The 5.7GHz
	and 10GHz beacons are still operational.
	73 de Petri OH3MCK

050716	The first major stage in relocating OZ7IGY was taken today.
	Throughout the day we erected the new permanent antennas in
	 JO55WM for the following beacons:
	70.021    25W   Big Wheel   102masl
	144,471  25W   Big Wheel   104masl
	432,471  25W   Big Wheel   105masl
	432,471  25W   6 el.yagi 30*  99masl (Aurora and SM antenna!)
	2320,930  5W   Alford slot    100masl
	(Though not enormous, the altitude is rather good for Denmark!)
	Reports are most welcome!
	We also mounted the 50 MHz Big Wheel in 100masl, but the beacon 
	itself is under repair. In the near future the beacons for 10GHz,
	5GHz, 3,4GHz and 1,3 GHz will also be activated from the new location.
	Vy 73 de OZ7IS, Ivan
	Beacon keeper, but assisted today by OZ1AHV, OZ1FTU, OZ2LD, OZ2PBS,
	OZ2SYV, OZ2UD, OZ7LX and a few bystanders!

050630	Hi! Our 23cm beacon is now up and running again!
	Same QRG, 1296.905 and same QTH.
	13cm, 6cm and 3cm is ongoing, 13cm is very soon QRV as well!
	73´ss de SM4RWI via SM4XDJ

050613	OH3SHF beacon is QRV after some updates and maintenance.
	10GHz TX power is now 4W (1W before) and ERP is now 80W (20W before).
	Beacon is now QRV on four bands. Latest addition is 3.4GHz band.
	Details of the new 3.4GHz transmitter are:
	3400.800MHz, 6W TX power, 6dBi Alford slot omni, horisontal polarisation.
	Frequency accuracy is better than 100Hz (GPS locked reference).
	Location KP11VK, 222m ASL, 67m AGL.
	For more info:
	73 de Ari OH3LWP

050608	VMG has put yet another beacon into operation.
	QRG: 24048.890
	QTH: JO57TX  (same tower as SK6VHF and SK6UHI)
	Antenna: 2x 90 deg sector horns N+S.
	Pwr: 1W erp each.
	Main design by SM6HYG.
	Reports welcome to SM6EAN  []
	73 Håkan SM6CEN

050608	SK6VHF in JO57TX on 144.448 has got its faulty antenna replaced today.
	If you have not been able to copy it, you may try again.
	S/N has increased abt 35 dB.
	73 Håkan SM6CEN

050606	LA2VHF / JP53EG is now QRV again, after a 9 month outage.
	Magne / LA1BFA 

050524	OH3SHF microwave beacon in KP11VK is QRT for maintenance.
	We will add a new 10GHz PA to increase ERP by 6dB.
	A completely new 3.4GHz transmitter wil be installed as well.
	Beacon should be back in operation in about one week.
	I will send a separate email when beacon is again QRV.
	73 de Ari OH3LWP

050426	SK6UHI QRV again at 18.04UT April 25 2005. 
	QRG: 1296.805
	QTH: Vetteberget, Tjörn Island, JO57TX
	Abt 125 masl 17 magl.
	10W to Alford slot
	Reports welcome to
	Official list of SM beacons to be found at  Beacons SM
 	73 Håkan SM6CEN
050426	SK6VHF QRV from new QTH. 
	QRG: 144.448, 	
	QTH: Vetteberget, Tjörn Island, JO57TX
	Collocated with SK6UHI, 
	At abt 120 masl, 10 magl. 4W to M2 square
	Reports welcome to       
 	73 Håkan SM6CEN

050214	The VMG multi band beacon is now back on air after maintenance and repair. 
	You can again tune in to 2320.800, 5760.800 and 10368.800. 
	Details on the VMG home page;
	We have right now a snow storm in southern Sweden, so tune in and check out the snow scatter! 
	The 24GHz beacon is still QRT. 73’/Mats, SM6EAN

050113	MW friends!
	Together with SM6PGP I today checked SK6MHI & SK6YH/B beacons after the storm.
	All antennas OK but the SK6MHI 6cm beacon (5760.800) was QRT. No current drain
	from main PS, so probably cable or DC/DC converter problem. Will let you know
	when back on the air.
	Check out the VMG Web site 
	for a nice beacon list made by SM6MUY.
        	For VMG / 73’ Mats, SM6EAN

041120	OH3RNE beacon has also been operational again in the license QTH in
	KP11UM on 1296.975 (FSK) since the beginning of this month. About 
	10 W out to a professional quality big wheel manufactured by OH3HWX 
	and the group at 140 m agl / 250 m asl with good take-off to all
 	The beacon functions also as an FM repeater (RM0 1297.000/1291.000)
	so if you can hear it on FM please give us a call. Benjamin OH3BK

041119	Today OH2SHF was reinstalled to it's location in KP20BB. Power amplifier is
	rebuild, and is now having output power of 20 W. Oscillator is locked to
	Oscilloquartz 8676 OCXO, the beacon frequency is 1296,928 Mhz and should be
	quite stable. Thaks to Rami OH2LIY for fixing the beacon.
	73's Juha OH2LKV

041030	Den svenska fyrlistans ”original” finns numera hos SK6YH’s hemsida.
	 SK6YH SM_Beacons  
	Månget tack till SM6MUY för arbetet med databasen. Alla uppdateringar kommer i
	fortsättningen att göras på den sidan.Vill man ta ut en egen papperskopia finns
	pdf eller txt filer tillgängliga i huvudet. Ändringar, tilllägg  och uppdateringar´
	tas emot av undertecknad. Senast uppdaterad 2004-10-25. 73 Håkan SM6CEN

041019	Hi all The SK7MHL beacon in JO65OR is now QRV again on 24 GHz after change of frequency
	from 24192,970 to 24048,970. The local oscillator have been running for about 12 weeks
	to burn in the new crystal. It will take several weeks more before the frequency begins
	to stabilize. It will be adjusted with a GPS locked reference as a standard at least 
	once a week.Power is 1 W ERP to a omnidirectional horisontally polarized waveguide slot
	antenna mounted 100 m asl. SK7MHL is also QRV as usual on the following frequencies: 
	432,489 1296,970 2320,970 5760,970 10368,970 
	These beacons are also fine adjusted against a GPS locked standard once a week. 73 
	Anders, SM7ECM

041016	OH2SHF (KP20BB) 23cm beacon is QRT due to driver stage malfunction.
	Beacon site was inspected today and only 5mW output was measured,
	instead of expected 50 watts  
	Beacon transmitter has left the site for repair, hopefully it will be
	back on the air soon.
 	73 Radio amateur technical society of Finland, RATS / Erik OH2LAK

041016	Hej, Kan meddela att SK4BX/B på 10368,960 MHz är QRT för underhåll, återkommer
	när den är QRV på nytt. 73 de SM4RWI, Magnus

040928	Idag har jag frekvensmätt några 10m-sändare som normalt hörs i Stockholmsområdet.
	Det kan vara intressant att veta frekvensen när man jämför med sina egna sändare/mottagare.
	 Mätutrustningen som användes var helt professionell, styrd av GPS-satelliternas exakta klocka.
	Tidpunkt: Måndag 27 spetember 2004, kl. 15:00 SST
	Utomhustemperatur +15C *)

	Fyr SK0CT i Sollentuna (A1A 15W vertikal) - 28292,126 kHz
	Fyr SK5AE i Strängnäs (A1A 50W vertikal) - 28289,898 kHz
	Repeater i Stockholm (F3E 100W vertikal) - 29620,084 kHz utfrekvens

	*) Ute-temperaturen kan påverka frekvensen. Fyren SK5AE sitter i ett oisolerat uthus och
	omges av ute-temperaturen. Fyren driver därför något i frekvens; ökad temperatur ger minskad
	frekvens och tvärtom. Frekvensen brukar ligga exakt på 28290 kHz vid +-0C. Man kan kontrollera
	temperaturen genom att mäta frekvensen exakt, hi!

	73 de Christer -JXA 

040910	Hi all The SK7MHL beacon on 1296,970 is QRV again after repair of the PA. 
	Many thanks to SM0EPO / SK0CT for help with spareparts. 
	SK7MHL is QRV from JO65OR on: 432,489 1296,970 2320,970 5760,970 10368,970 
	The 24 GHz beacon is being rebuilt for the new frequency 24048,970. 
	73 Anders, SM7ECM

040906	The SK7MHL beacon on 432,489 MHz is QRV again. The interference problem is hopefully solved.
	But the SK7MHL beacon on 1296,970 is QRT since a couple of days. The PA is dead. Short 
	circuit between collector and base in the final stage and the driving stage. 
	(caused by lightning?) Spareparts will hopefully be delivered during next week.73 
	Anders, SM7ECM

040902	Today I started the SK3GW/B 10w beacon running on 1296.955 +-kHz
	This is a test run to see if it will be reliable over time.
	For the moment the antenna (Alford Slot) and qth is temporary.
	Shortly it will be installed at permanent location JP80JH
	More info will follow,,,  73's Håkan SM3LBN

040826	The LA2VHF Beacon (144.463 MHz, JP53EG) was taken off the air earlier today.
	The beacon has been brought back to the lab in Trondheim for maintenance. 
	You'll be informed when we have it back up again. 
 	--Magne / LA1BFA (for the LA1K team)

040825	SM2CKR informerar: Jag kan nu meddela att SK2UHF är i drift med den nya QRG´n (432.401).
	Den har varit igång ett tag och har 5 w i antennen. Tyvärr har switchen mellan norr 
	och syd antennen lagt av, så nu sänder den tillsvidare bara med syd antennen. Vi skall
	försöka skaffa nytt 24 V relä med N –kontakter. / 73 Håkan SM6CEN Beacon manager

040819	Beacon SK6UHI on 1296.805 is temporarily QRT.We are awaiting the erection of a
	new tower.Downtime expected to be at least some months. / 73 Håkan / SM6CEN

040819	The SK7MHL 70 cm beacon ( 432,489 MHz) is currently QRT due to some 
	interference problems. It will hopefully be on the air again soon.
	The SK7MHL beacons on 1296, 2320, 5760 and 10368 MHz are QRV. 
	The 24192 MHz beacon are QRT for change of frequency to 24048 MHz.
	73 Anders, SM7ECM

040811	SK4MPI beacon  was  off  air  14-16  june,  when  the  sensor  was  able  to  
	trig  with  some  help  of  someone  rocking  the  rack... 
	July  5  it  went  down  again  and  a  repeat  of  the  rocking  was  not  
	enough  to  bring  it  up  again.  11  aug  at  11z  I  left  the  site,  after  
	some  tube  testing  with  shorter  periods  TXing  during  about  one  hour. 
	Today  I  at  last  got  the  opportunity  to  visit  the  beacon  site,  has  
	been  struggleling  with  holidays  at  the  beacon  site.  
	The  problem  was  the  air  flow  sensor,  as  expected,  and  could  be  
	solved.  Also  one  tube  was  worn  so  mounted  a  pair  of  tubes  (pulls)  
	donated  by  LA8GKA,  thanks  Rune!  The  spares  I  thought  would  work,  had  
	too  much  gas  and  flashed  when  some  drive  was  applied.  The  operating  
	conditions  was  adjusted  with  less  load  than  what  made  maximum  power,  
	to  preserve  efficiency  also  when  emmission  goes  down. 
	Maybe  the  antennas  need  some  maintenance  also.  The  SWR  is  not  the  
	best,  and  signal  strength  in  NE  is  reported  to  be  down  some  dB's  
	from  what  it  has  been.  
	Best  regards / Jan,  SM4HFI 

040720	OH3SHF temporarily QRT QRT for maintenance and improvements.
	We will try to get it QRV ASAP but it may take a few days.
	73 de Petri OH3MCK

040716	The SK7MHL beacon in JO65OR is now QRT on 24192,970 MHz after 3,5 years of service. 
	Will be QRV again on new frequency 24048,970 
	Burning in a new crystal takes several weeks (at least) so it will be QRT for some time. 
	73 Anders, SM7ECM 

040714	New beacon, since July 11th the beacon OY6BEC has been qrv on 70 MHz:
	FRQ: 70,035 MHz, MODE: F1A, QTH: Tórshavn, LOC: IP 62 
	MASL: 10, ANT: loop, QTF: 135/315*, EIRP: 25W
	Beaconkeeper: OY9JD, Build by: OZ7IS, Keyer: OZ2M, Antenna: OY9JD.
	Vy 73 de OZ7IS, Ivan.

040713	Ny FYR OY6BEC 1296,885, MODE: A1A, QTH: Sornfelli/Tórshavn, LOC: IP 62 MB
	MASL: 700, ANT: 13 el. Yagi, QTF: 150*, EIRP: 150W, Beaconkeeper:   OY9JD
	Build by: PA5DD & OZ7IS, Keyer: OZ2M, Antenna: OZ1BGZ.
	QRV since July 10th 2004. Vy 73 de OZ7IS, Ivan.

040608	Ny  SM Fyrlista 040709 från Håkan SM6CEN

040622	Started new beacon yesterday SK3UHH in JP92FW (Rävsön)
	2320.900  QTF 180  (Stockholm/Gotland)
	1.2m dish, I am not sure abt feeder perfomance (2.4GHz)
	but seems to work pretty ok....
	Reports welcome; Signal strength, Frequency stability/accuracy etc.....
	73 Johan SM3UZS

040613	Hi all, Just found that MPI signal is way weaker than usual, just above noise instead of 
	s9 +40 dB. Propably some fault in the PA area, cooling or similar. I have no possibility
	to go there during the weekend. Maybe next week, but not sure.
	Best regards Jan, SM4HFI

040607	SK3UHF on 432 is now temporarily QRT for change to the new frequency!
	73 Håkan CEN.

040607	QRG of Beacons on MW

040606	LA3UHH:
	Just to mention that LA3UHH is in ES square, not DS80c - as some beacon lists says.
	 The 4x256 bit EPROM should have been replaced, but I have not more available
	Unfortunately the site owner (radio group of NRRL) is quite hostile since I
	am from the "wrong county", and I could choose between removing the beacon
	or let it stay, so I hope it will be QRV for some more time. It is often
	heard by SM6ESG. Antenna is an EB horn for 3,5m EB dish and QTF=180°
	73 Jan-Martin, LA8AK DS80b

040606	SK3UFG:
	Just started up beacon SK3UFG on 1296.955 or 956 QTH JP80IO. (qth of LBN) Pwr abt 10w
	to Alford Slot at 18m a.g.l. It is just now running for test only an will run for a week 
	or two, will later be installed on permanent qth in JP80. 73's Håkan SM3LBN JP80IO

040602	Här kommer några uppdateringar till 10GHz fyrar i Sverige.

	SK1SHG på 10368.953 MHz i Klintehamn på Gotland är qrt sedan ett år
	tillbaka. Den ersattes i maj 2003 av SK1SHH på 10368.853 MHz på samma plats.
	Den nya fyren är en högeffekt fyr som är riktat 360 grader mot Stockholm.

	Fyren SK1SHH ingår tillsammans med SK0SHH och SK6YH/B i en grupp riktade
	högeffekt fyrar (alla 33 dB dish 10 KW ERP) som är till för regnskatter observationer.

	SK6YH/B 10368.810 MHz i Göteborg är riktat 57 grader mot Stockholm.
	( I vissa listor står den på .805 )
	SK0SHH  10368.835 MHz i Kista (Stockhom) är riktad 237 grader mot Göteborg.
	SK1SHH  10368.853 MHz i Klintehamn (Gotland) är riktad 360 grader mot Stockholm.

	En fjärde fyr i gruppen högeffekt fyrar är nu färdig byggd. Den heter:
	SK3SHH 10368.821 enligt -3BEI i JP92FW på Dalberget i närheten av Härnösand.

	Fyren är nu QRV maj 2004 och har 33 dB dish 10 KW ERP och riktad 180 grader mot Stockholm.  

	73 de SM0FZH Eberhard 	(via SM6CEN)

040510	Ny  SM Fyrlista 040508 från Håkan SM6CEN

040508	Today the following update has been made to the SK6MHI multi band beacon;

	5760.800: Now QRV again after test operation. 6W output to a slotted waveguide.

	10368.800: Back on air after oscillator failure. 5W output to a slotted waveguide.

	From same QTH also SK6MHI on 2320.800 and the high power rain scatter 
	beacon SK6YH/B at 10368.810 (QTF 60deg, towards Stockholm) working as normal.
	Pictures will be published at VMG’s home page (SK6YH.ORG).
	We are very interested in propagation reports…=>
	73’ Fredrik, SM6UBC & Mats, SM6EAN 

040427	Ny  SM Fyrlista 040425 från Håkan SM6CEN

040427	RATS ( ) has today installed the latest OH2NXX beacon in Rådkila, Inkoo.
	The locator is KP20BB and the callisgn in OH2SHF. Nominal frequency is 1296.927 MHz and 
	will be checked later for any possible drift compensation. 35 W, antennas 210 and 20 degrees. 40 AGL.
	Infp från OH2AUE Michael. Med dom skapliga konditioner som det är i kväll är den 59+ .
	73 de SM1HOW

040330	Since March 25 the beacon JW7SIX on Svalbard is QRV again. It runs 10 W on
	the frequency 50,047 MHz into 3-ele yagi (beaming Europe) as before.
	The strong winds had broken off the centre lead in the coax connection.
	Finally a helping hand managed to fix it. I hope it stays on for a long time now.
 	73, Stefan (LA0BY) 	email 	
	homepage phone +47-67139536, GSM +47-90114432

040317	SK6MHI, 5760.800, now operational at a temporary QTH (my home QTH, JO57WQ).
	Will run a few weeks before frequency adjustment and then back to previous QTH (JO57XQ).
	Now 6W RF and slotted waveguide. With feeder etc. about 30W ERP omni directional.
	Temporary take off is “impossible” QTF 55 to 150 degrees (if no help from SAS or KLM),
	poor 150 to 200 deg. and OK 200 to 55 deg. 
	Thanks to Hans, SM6EUP, for aluminium and feeder!
	Reports are most welcome to
	73’ Mats, SM6EAN and VMG, SK6YH

040310	The beacon SK6MHI 3cm has been taken down for maintenance today. It has
	probably been QRT since about 1 week. We will announce when it's QRV again.
	73 de Västkustens MikrovågsGrupp SK6YH; Fredrik  SM6UBC

040123	 6 and 10 Beacon statistics 

040122	 Status på 70 fyr flytten 

040112	SK7MHL in JO65OR is now QRV on new frequency 432,489. It has been QRT for 2 months, burning in
	the new crystal in it´s oven. Now it´s reasonable stable. But I will check it daily, and adjust
	if necessary, against a GPS looked reference. I will do this during the first week. After that
	I will check the frequency every friday, as I do with SK7MHL on all other bands 
	( 1,3 / 2,3 / 5,7 / 10 / 24 GHz ).  More info about SK7MHL:
	Click on "Radio", "Mikrovåg och radiofyrar" and scroll down until you find SK7MHL. 
	73 Anders, SM7ECM 

040111	Reg1 VHF Beacon list jan 2004

040108	Från bullen 11 Januari: SK1UHF NY FREKVENS. Nu är SK1UHF igång på sin nya frekvens 432.405 MHz.
	Arne SM1MUT skriver idag: Jag vill bara informera om att SK1UHF inte är QRV ännu..........
	Den går ännu i provdrift vid SM6FHZ,  INGOLF  för stabilisering av oscillatorn och det dröjer
	nog minst 4 veckor till innan SK1UHF är QRV. Hälsn. Arne/SM1MUT

031221	Hello, there is new 23 cm beacon testing in Helsinki area. Frequency is
	1296,927 MHz,  35W output power, 10 m RG213 and 20-el yaqi directed to
	north. Locator is KP20KD56. Beacon will be installed in same place 
	where is OH2VHF/OH2UHF after testing.
	( ,sorry
	only in finnish:)
	All reports are welcome via email: / Ramppa
	-- Rami Vainio OH2LIY EMAIL : ramppa at PHONE : +358 40 505 8085 
	MAIL : Rami Vainio, Minkkitie 5 B 30, 01450 VANTAA

031218	OH3SHF beacon 2.3GHz transmitter is again active after a break in KP11VK.
	Transmit power was upgraded to 50W. ERP of the 2.3GHz transmitter is now 200W.
	Beacon frequencies are 2320.842/5760.800/10368.800. All transmitters use a GPS
	locked 10MHz reference. Expected frequency accuracy is 10^-8. Reports are 
	welcome to / 73 de Ari OH3LWP  

031210	SK1UHF BYTER FREKVENS. Från och med torsdagen den 11 december 2003 kommer SK1UHF att 
	vara QRT 4 veckor framåt på grund av frekvensbyte. Den nya frekvensen blir 432.405 MHz.

031204	 Nytt om 70-fyrarna 

031127	From > Check out LA0BY Stefans homepage  Beacon list in Excel
	with a lot of cool and hitech excel coding for calculating locator, QTF and QRB.
	73 de SM4XDJ@SK4BX

031115	SK6UHI in JO57TX on 1296.805 is QRV after maintenance.
	Carrier abt 45 sec, ID + loc abt  15 sec.
	Reports are welcome. 73 SM6GXV & SM6CEN ( )

031114	The SK7MHL beacon on 432,970 is now QRT. 
	It will hopefully be QRV again within a couple of days on the new frequency 432,489 MHz. 
	/ 73 Anders SM7ECM

031113	The SK7MHL beacon in JO65OR is again QRV on 5, 10 and 24 GHz after a few weeks 
	of maintenance. QRV as usual on 432 MHz, 1,3 GHz and 2,3 GHz. 
	Frequency is ,970 on all bands and locator is JO65NQ. 
	For more information (sri, only in swedish) and pictures and scroll down to SK7MHL.
	73 Anders, SM7ECM 

031111	As you all have heard, or seen on dx cluster, the beacon is on air again since
	friday nov 7. Someone switched it off and then on again, and it started after a
	 while. I suspect an air flow feeler, a flag and a microswitch. It is adjusted to
	 switch off reliably, but seems to be too hard to activate again. I ran out of time
	 when I changed the fan last spring and had to leave without being really satisfied
	 with the flag adjustment. 
	Best regards Jan, SM4HFI

031105	Hi, I was informed yesterday that SK4MPI is silent. I have no idea what the reason is.
	Seems that the exciter is running, since I hear the ususal leakage some 60 dB down.
	So propably some fault in the PA circuit. I can not promise to do anything for the
	beacon this week, as we are short of people at my work. 
	Best regards, Jan, SM4HFI

031013	 SM Beacon presentations 

031008	Hi all, The SK7MHL beacon in JO65OR is QRT for maintenance on 5, 10 and 24 GHz. 
	QRV as usual on 432 MHz, 1,3 GHz and 2,3 GHz. 73 Anders, SM7ECM 

031002	Today old SK7MHH 432.940 Beacon was reinstalled at ordinary QTH with new
	QRG appr. 432.440 Mhz. Thanks to Mats SM6EAN for Crystal and Toby SM7EOI for
	the change and 	adjusting.

	 At he same time Beacon SK7MHH 2320.940 was reinstalled after some
 	"fixing" by constructor Morgan SM6ESG.

	 Antennas, directions and outputs are unchanged on both Beacons.

	 SK7MHH 1296.940 is still QRT.

	 73 Toby SM7EOI & Tommy SM7NZB

030902	SK4UHF > SK4BX/B. After service the beacon SK4BX/B, is back in black with new QRG, 432.460.
	The PA is pumping out 43W.. Same antenna setup as before and same QTH.

030825	Hello friends. After a recent check-up here OY9JD has revinstalled the OY beacons on 144 and 432 MHz.
 	They are now back on the air with a new common call sign: OY6BEC.
	Frequencies: 144,402 & 432,402 (432,512 until the new x-tal has arrived!)
	One problem remains though: The old antennas are falling apart!!!!!
	Does anyone have some rugged antennas for a windy and wet environment? 2 antennas with a reasonable
 	broad opening angle for each band is needed. One towards W.Europe - one pointing NNE for Aurora. 
	Vy 73 de OZ7IS, Ivan.

030821	Ny fyrlista över nordiska 70-fyrar tack Håkan SM6CEN.
	 BILD 162 kB 

030816	Today Tobbe SM7EOI and I took down the SK7MHH 432.940 Beacon
	and changed the frequency to appr. 432.440 Mhz.
	The Beacon is now running without PA to burn in the Crystal.
	It is QRV with 23 el antenna against LY from our Club house at JO86DQ .
	When its stable it will be reinstalled  at ordinary QTH.
	The 13 cm and the 23cm beacons are still QRT.
	/ 73 Tommy SM7NZB

030816	IARU Beacon list July 2003

030811	OH3SHF beacon is QRV again after the lightning strike damage of July 28.
	At the moment 5760.800 and 10368.800 are up and running.
	2320.842 is also fixed and waiting for reinstallation during this week.
	GPS locked frequency reference seems to have suffered the most and
	is still under repairs. Beacon is locked to the old 10MHz reference.
	Frequency accuracy is propably 0.1ppm in stead of 0.001ppm of the GPS
	locked reference.
	73 de Ari OH3LWP  

030730	The LA2UHF beacon (432.870 MHz, loc: JP53EG) was taken off the air today at 17:30 UTC. 
	Expect some weeks before it is operational, as we will refit with a new PA stage, 
	new antenna, and new frequency.  New frequency will be 432.463 MHz.
	--Magne LA1BFA / LA1K

030727	SK7MHH QRT 2340.940 and 1296.940
	Today Tobbe SM7EOI and I took down the bad 13 cm beacon for repair
	and the 23cm beacon was also taken down for modification.

	Beacon 432.940 MHz is still running waiting for QRG change.
	/ 73 Tommy SM7NZB

	Callsign           JW9SIX                       JW5SIX
	QRG                50,049MHz*                   50,046MHz*
	QTH                Bear Island                  Hopen Island
	LOC                JQ94LM                       KQ26MM
	PWR                15W                          10W
	ANT                Vertical dipole              Horizontal dipole
	Elevation          10 magl                      10 magl
	Take-off           FB in most directions        Bad to west
	Installed by       JW9LAA Ronald                JW5RIA Erling

	*Reports indicate that both BCNs have drifted 0,3kHz lower.

	Other team members
	Initiative & project control:           ES1CW Arvo
	RF modification/design:                 ES1II Hellar
	Keyers:                                 ES5PC=SM0WCM
	Antennas & power supplies:              SM0KAK Lasse
	Various support:                        JX7DFA/LA7DFA Per-Erik
	More info at  LA7DFA  click  LA5RIA 

	The beacons were installed in March and April.
	Best 50MHz beacon list:
	PS It seems like the older arctic beacons JX7SIX 50,079MHz on Jan Mayen and JW7SIX 50,047MHz
	on Spitsbergen both are running QRPp due to technical problems. 
	73 de Lasse SM0KAK

030715	OH3SHF 2.3 GHz and 10 GHz beacons are now locked to GPS reference. 
	The 5.7 GHz beacon will also be locked to the same reference shortly
	(just a matter of getting a suitable connector).
	The system is now in experimental use, so reports about the frequency 
	accuracy, stability, possible malfunctions etc. are highly welcome.
	You can send reports to:
	Just remove 'nospam' from the address.
	The nominal beacon frequencies are:
	2320.842 MHz
	5760.800 MHz
	10368.800 MHz
	73 de Petri OH3MCK

030707	ES0UHF beacon is on the air again. New frq. is 432.475MHz, KO18DN, 12W out,
	antenna is about 7..8dBi ,ring diagram. 73! de ES2NJ Mart Tagasaar gsm  +372 5107808

030703	SK6YH/B: Today we have adjusted the direction of the high power beacon at 10368.810 MHz.
	The beacon is located in JO57XQ and is directed towards SM0 (Stockholm) indications during
	the year it has been QRV have shown that it pointed a few degrees to much north.
	We moved it approx 3-4 degrees more east (south).
	Looking forward to reports from SM0 abt the adjusted direction.
	73 de Hannes SM6PGP and Fredrik SM6UBC.

030625	SK6UHI on 1296.805 (JO57TX) is temporarily QRT for maintenance.
	Hopefully back on the air in the end of July. 73 Håkan SM6CEN.

030618	Subject: [VUSHF] SK4UHF QRT ...
	Date: den 17 juni 2003 20:11
	... for change to the new frequency according to beaconplan.
	Will send a new email when it is QRV again.
	73 de SM4RWI, SM4GLX via SM4XDJ

030616	Fyren OH6UHF har fel frekvens i nya listan, skall ha 432.432 MHz.
	OH5SHF ny på 432.435 MHz. ALLT ENLIGT jUKKA OH6DD på VHF-mötet.
	OZ1UHF har redan flyttat ill 432.449 MHz enligt Ivan OZ7IS.

030605	Hi all, Discovered yesterday that SK4MPI was down again. Problem was that duct tape was
	not enough to hold the flex hose at the fan house. Now it is secured by a clamp also. 
	It will be checked on my next visit. Seems that the flow sensor worked well, as power was
	normal from start. Thanks Robban who made the job today!
	Down time was about 2003-06-04 16z to 2003-06-05 11z
	Best regards Jan SM4HFI

030601	New proposed Frequencies for Swedish 432 MHz Beacons rev. 30601
	Call		QRG	Ansv	Call
	SK1UHF         432.405 Ingolf 	SM6HYG
	SK2UHF         432.401 ?	?
	SK3UHF         432.455 Johan 	SM3UZS 
	SK4UHF         432.460 Magnus 	SM4RWI
	SK6UHF         432.412 Morgan 	SM6ESG
	SK7MHH         432.440 Mats 	SM6EAN
	SK7MHL         432.489 Anders 	SM7ECM
	73 Håkan

	Hela listan sorterad på CALL 
	Hela listan sorterad på QRG 

030523	SK4MPI: Today I went to the SK4MPI beacon site. The old tubes had been running hot,
	the glass on the 4X150A had melted, on one just little buggle, on the other a hole.
	The overcurrent relay for the fan was tripped. I tried to activate it again and it 
	did run for a while, until I switched of again. When it was tried last week it 
	tripped again within seconds. 
	Blower is changed to a new one, single phase. Tubes are changed to 4CX250B pulls,
	donated by SM7GVF some years ago. For the moment I am out of spare tubes so if someone
	have, preferably new ones, laying around a donation is very appreciated. 4X150A and 
	4CX250B I know fit. Is there a 4X250 version also? G1 and G2 voltages are easy to 
	adjust, filament is hard to change more than fine tuning. Normal life of tubes is 
	about 20 000 hours for a fresh pair. When I left i had the following operational data:
	Ua 2 kV. Ia 270 mA. Ia0 20 mA. Pout about 250W (0.6 on the relative power meter = normal).
	Ig2 5 mA. Ig1 0 mA. Driver power is about 1W. Ug2 i didn't make any note, but think about
	180 V (Power was normal :-). Uf 6.02V. Best regards Jan, SM4HFI.

030521	A new band was added to OH3SHF beacon yesterday 20.5.2003.
	New 2.3 GHz beacon compliments the year old 5.7 and 10 GHz beacons.
	Details of the 2.3 GHz beacon are the following.
	OH3SHF 2320.842 MHz 10W output power 6dBi Alfords slot antenna
	omnidirectional horisontal polarization.
	Location KP11VK 220m asl 65m agl.
	Synthesizer locked to a stable 10 MHz reference.
	Frequency accuracy < 1 kHz.
	Frequencies of 5.7 and 10 GHz beacons are 5760.800 and 10368.800 MHz.
	Reports are welcome via email to or via web to  / Ari OH3LWP.  

030515	SK4MPI is down since tuesday. Found out today that the PA fan is not running, 
	the overcurrent relay trips in a few seconds, and reason is unknown. 
	Best regards Jan, SM4HFI

	JW5SIX 50,046 MHz and JW9SIX 50,049 MHz. QTH for the beacons will be
	JW5SIX Hopen Island (LOC KQ26) and JW9SIX Bear Island (LOC JQ94).

	Both beacons will run ABT 10W to dipole antennas.
	JW5SIX will be installed by Erling JW5RIA (=LA5RIA)
	JW9SIX will be installed by Ronald JW9LAA (=LA9LAA)

	Erling and Ronald arrived on their islands several months ago. 
	The beacons and antennas etc have been mailed to Norway.
	We hope the equipment will arrive in time to be transported on a ship which leaves the Norwegian
	mainland on 2003-03-20 bound for Bear Island and Hopen Island.
	The initiative for this project came from Arvo ES1CW. Arvo procured the transceicvers and he is
	the "project leader". Other contributors are ES1II: modification of transceivers, ES5PC (=SM0WCM):
	keyers and SM0KAK: antennas + power supplies + X-tals.
	73 de Lasse SM0KAK

021130	 ES0UHF  QRV igen.
021025	IARU Region 1  VHF and Microwave Beacon list issue 1/2002 Oktober 2002.
020911	The beacon SK4UHF at 432.905MHz in JO79LH is now above the tree line again after 5-10 years
	of hiding ;) The ower of the land has cut down the surrounding trees. 73 de SK4BX
020830	LA8VHF in JO48XX is QRV again after abt. 1 month of silence! 73 de LA6LCA / LA9UX
020826	Finally SK6YH/B is qrv, 10368.810 MHz. It is a high pwr beacon, approx 5 W RF at the feed
 	of a 60 cm dish. Direction towards SM0, some adjustments of the direction will probably
	be needed. Web page with info will be constructed during the autumn/winter.
	Pse reports via the reflector or direct to 73 de VMG / SM6PGP - Hannes.
020821	The SK7MHL-beacon on 5760,970 MHz is QRV again after a few days of maintenance.
	The SK7MHL-beacon in JO65OR is working on 432,970 / 1296,970 / 2320,970 / 5760,970 / 10368,970
	and 24192,970 MHz. 73 Anders/SM7ECM
020817	Hello, Good news from the North. After a long absent the beacon  LA7SIX and LA7VHF are now qrv from
	its permanent qth in JP99EC. LA7SIX qrg  50.051, qtf 190 degr. 20 w into a 4 elem. yagi, 310MASL.
	LA7VHF qrg 144.451, qtf 190 degr. 50 w into a 10 elem. yagi,  310MASL
	Report are most welcome via:
	Qsl report via LA3T. 	73's de LA5TFA, Aasmund BIRGER Jakobsen, Beacon manager  LA3T  
020814	SK6UHI is again QRV on 1296.805 from JO57TX. 2 weeks ago lightning killed part of the beacon. 73 Håkan SM6CEN.
020814	SK6UHF on 432.925 is QRT since a couple of weeks. Awaiting spare parts and repair. 73 Håkan SM6CEN.
020810	LA8VHF is qrt for maintenance (caused by lightning!). We hope to get it back on air in approximatly 14 days.
	73 de LA6LCA LA9UX
020624	Rättelse om  10 GHz fyrar
020531	DFP och UZS har gett info till  SM FYR listan .
020421	IARU Beaconlist
020323	Nya fyren  SK3UHF  hörs bra även i SM1 !