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SSA hereby has the pleasure to invite all Nordic radio amateur stations to the NRAU VHF-UHF-SHF Christmas Contest.

Date: 2:nd Christmas Day, 26/12

Time: 0800-1100 UTC for 144 and 432 MHz 1100-1200 UTC for 1,3 GHz

a) 144 MHz
b) 144 MHz Open Class
c) 432 MHz
d) 432 MHz Open Class
e) 1.3 GHz
f) 1.3GHz Open Class
Combined single- and multi operator in all sections.

Contacts: SSB and CW, cross mode is permitted.
All operation in accordance with IARU Region 1 bandplans.
Participants, outside the Nordic countries, must have contacts with at least two different locator squares (JO65, JO66, ... etc), or at least three different stations in same locator square, from the Nordic countries to participate in the Open Classes.
No contacts via active repeaters or EME are allowed.

Exchange: RS(T) + QSO no. (beginning with 001) + WW-locator, e.g. 539 001 JO55WW

Points: 1 Point/km + bonus points/WW-locator

Bonus points: 500 points/WW-loc on all bands

Award: The 3 best placed in each section and the best placed from each country will receive a contest award. The winner in the 144 MHz section (a) will receive the TACLog Challenge Cup, for a 1 year period.

LOG: Standard Region 1 contest log or other approved log type. Separate log and summary sheet for each band. The contest log may also be submitted electronically via e-mail in the REG1TEST format.

Manager: The entries must be uploaded in REG1TEST format no later than 3. January at contest.ssa.se. In case of problem, send E-mail to vhfcontest@ssa.se and explain the problem.